I have been developing performative games and devices that revolve around the notion of otherness, whose core is the friction between my experience as a migrant in Europe and the civic integration programs (or Inburgering examen in Dutch), which I had to undergo to in the Netherlands. My goal is to enrich the performativity of forced integration, embracing disobedience and disruptiveness. For this reason, I have been busy with the relations between law, body, and territory. In my practice, Choreography is in the crossing of ritual and game, creating the conditions for movement and exchange of perspectives.

In the words of Elke van Campenhout:

Thiago Antunes’ research opens up a bizarre world of post-colonial monsters. A shamanic bureaucratic induction into the absurd game of European immigration politics. A disquieting perspective on the phantasmatic power structures, the myths that hold our laws together. In his work the relations between the colonizer and the colonized, the immigrant and the casual sex explorer, between play and power, pleasure and cruelty are layered, expanded and made palpable through the construction of an enigmatic game structure.