Civic Integration Device

The Civic Integration Devices question what integration stands for. Through machines that impose physical proximity and restrain the movement of the body, they oblige the visitors to cope with the presence of the other in its materiality. The idea of integration as etiquette and civilization is refused and replaced by a sensorial approach. They are invited to share food and drink, to play with objects, to touch and to smell the other person, negotiating the territory of a table where they have their hands tied to one another, and their necks locked.

The first versions of the Civic Integration Devices came about in January 2016, during a residency at Zsenne ArtLab in Brussels. It was presented again during the conclusion of APASS program in the event Undermining, also at Zsenne, in September of the same year. An adapted version was performed in the festival Friday Island in Luxembourg in December 2016.