Inburgering in

Inburgering in… is a series of site-specific performances that incorporates elements of escape and role-playing games. The participants have the goal of filling in an immigration form of a fictional country and have a limited amount of time to do so, by watching the space and interacting with a performer.  Inburgering is the Dutch term used for the civic integration courses and exams that migrants have to undergo in order to prove their ability to adapt in the Netherlands. Inburgering in… takes place in basements of cultural centers or art spaces and is built mostly with leftover material found on the spot. The dramaturgy and choreographic approach changes depending on the conditions of each venue, and the context where it is presented.

So far, it happened three times in different places, all in Brussels: Zsenne Artlab, in a residency where the project was initiated in August 2017, at GC Kontakt, in the frame of ENTER Festival, in April 2018, and at Studio Citygate, in the BANG! Festival, November 2018.


ZSenne ArtLab – August 2017


ENTER Festival – April 2018


BANG! Festival – November 2018