Disrupting the sauna

“In the frame of A.PASS block curated by Vladimir Miller, where each participant should organize a trip as a strategy to share our researches, I proposed a visit to a traditional spa in the village of Grimbergen. The ethnic inspiration of the different saunas (“African lodge”, Turkish bath”, “Mediterranean sauna”) already offered a miniature of the whole world, which brings a bit the thematic of migration and cultural appropriation. But the most interesting aspect of the venue was the internal rules, establishing the spaces where people should be dressed or undressed, where people could touch or not each other, and how to properly behave in there.

I created a set of scores that were stored inside the lockers. Each participant would have access to open them by approaching a magnetic bracelet of a device, that would inform the number and location of the locker. The bracelets should be exchanged in the sauna “discreetly”, whenever the participants feel the need for changing their tasks. The scores were:

  1. Read carefully the rules of the sauna. Choose one rule to subvert. Experiment doing the same with variations (explicitly, discreetly, with a partner)
  2. Check what is inside this locker. Rearrange the organization of the objects in there. Bring something from outside to ornate it.
  3. Choose a person. Accompany him/her very discreetly, wherever this person goes. If this person finds you weird, starts to run away, or makes a complaint about you to the spa team, you lose. Then you have to exchange your bracelet with someone else.
  4. Choose a number. Help this number of different people.
  5. Share food or drink with someone that you don’t know.
  6. Enjoy the spa. If you get bored, you lose. Then you have to exchange your bracelet with someone else.
  7. Take a picture or make a drawing of something you find interesting here.
  8. What aspects of your artistic practice can be experimented here?”