WELCOME is a role-playing game performance that revolves around the privileges and obligations of a fictional land, where migrants have to get married to the locals in order to acquire the permission to stay. Each player receives at the beginning of the event a playing card representing their identity. The Court Cards represent the locals, and the Number cards the aliens. The rules are then read aloud by the players.

The performance plays with the power relations between locals and migrants of a fictional land, where the identity cards determine where and how players can move in the room. The reading of the rules already brings the mechanisms of privilege of the imagined game, dividing those players who have the privilege to read aloud from the ones who are not authorized. The transit between speculation and reality is provoked by the niggling description of each possible situation of the game and its outcomes, which parallel with all the protocols of the reading itself, imposed by the text.

The power relations addressed in the text are eventually reproduced by the choreography that happens during the reading, both collectively and individually. Ultimately, it is an eye’s choreography that is being collectively built.

Although, the obedience to the authoritarian voice of the text aims not only organizing the reading and the game that may never start. Moreover, it is a falsely participatory practice that is being put into question.

WELCOME  was developed in the frame of A.PASS program and was presented at Zsenne Art Lab in September 2016, in the event Under-Mining.

Zsenne ArtLab September 29th, 2016





How things work over here

I am a silent voice. I am trustworthy. You are sitting on a chair, or on something, in a room. It is a kind of circle of chairs. There is a carpet on the floor. In the centre. Exactly in the centre. A door. Two windows. Maybe a few more. Objects hard to name. Labels. Two facilitators. I command then you obey. Read this text from top to bottom and from left to right. Do what is asked from you the best you can. Obey the facilitators. Enjoy.




[1] You are not supposed to read the footnotes.






A short break

We are almost there. Let’s drink. You Number 3 or 5 should find wine on the table and then serve it to the other players. There are some glasses next to the bottle/box. Do not worry about what I am writing in the next paragraphs. Go serve, and when you are back, just cross your left leg over the right and turn the page. Go, go.